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Bowel Health Test Kit

Can help with the early detection of bowel cancer

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Key Features:
  • 99% accuracy
  • MHRA certified
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Self test

This rapid test detects tiny amounts of occult (hidden) blood in the faeces. A positive result can aid in the detection of bowel cancer.

Concerned about changes in bowel habits, abdominal discomfort, or unexplained weight loss? These could be symptoms of underlying bowel health issues. Our Bowel Health Test Kit helps detect signs of conditions like IBS or colorectal issues. Understanding your bowel health is a step towards optimal digestive well-being. Don’t ignore these symptoms; testing can offer peace of mind or a path to treatment.

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This simple at-home bowel health test kit is designed to detect blood in your stool. If blood is detected, a consultation with your GP is advised so that further tests can be carried out to identify what’s wrong.

There are many diseases and conditions that can result in blood in the faeces – bowel cancer among them. A positive result for blood in the stool gives GPs the opportunity to get to the root of the problem.

Among the many gastrointestinal problems that can cause blood in the stool are ulcers, polyps, diverticulitis, fissures and colon cancer. When detected early, around 90 per cent of colon and bowel cancers cases can be successfully treated.

What’s in the box?

Our Bowel Health Test Kit contains everything you need to take a stool sample and test it in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1 x
  • 1 x
  • 1 x
  • 1 x

This test is for anyone who wants to investigate their bowel health or wants to find possible causes for abdominal pain, changes in bowel habit or unexpected weight loss.

For a multitude of reasons, many people avoid going to see their GP. It could be that they are too busy; that they don’t want to take up their GP’s time; or that they are embarrassed about their symptoms or bodies. Asking for a stool test kit for some people is very challenging.

A home bowel health test kit removes this embarrassment. Whether you want to use the kit to try and understand the cause behind certain symptoms you are feeling or want to use it to feel reassured that you don’t have blood in your stool, testing at home is quick, easy – and private.

Please note that a positive result is not conclusive of any particular illness and should always be followed up by a visit to the doctor.

Gathering and testing your stool sample

  1. First secure the collection paper provided to the toilet – you’ll see adhesive tabs on the paper to help you do this.
  2. Defecate on the paper, being careful not to contaminate it with urine.
  3. To take a sample of the stool using the blue applicator provided in the collection tube. Insert the applicator in at least three different places to ensure it is well coated. Note: you don’t need a large sample – just try and coat the tip as best you can.
  4. Screw the applicator back into the test tube. Make sure it’s a tight fit, then shake the tube to mix your stool sample with the liquid in the tube.
  5. Flush the stool down the toilet.
  6. Open the foil pouch and take out the test strip.
  7. Unscrew the lid on the other end of the test tube and break off the tip of the dropper.
  8. Now gently squeeze out 8-10 drops of the liquid onto the reaction tube

Bowel Cancer – what you need to know

While a diagnosis of bowel cancer is understandably incredibly worrying, it’s worth remembering that it can often be successfully treated if diagnosed early.

Please note that a positive result from your at-home Bowel Health Test Kit does not necessarily indicate bowel cancer. Blood in the stool can be caused by many other conditions and ailments, including polyps, ulcers, colitis, diverticulitis and fissures.

According to the NHS, bowel cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer in the UK.

One of the main symptoms is blood in the faeces – which cannot always be seen by the naked eyed. Additional symptoms include a change in your stool habits – looser, more frequent stools, for example – and stomach pains.

Age is often a factor – almost 90% of cases occur in people who are aged 60 or older.

Among the risk factors for bowel cancer are diet (diets that are high in red and processed meats can increase risk) and weight. People who are overweight are more susceptible to bowel cancer, as are those who smoke or consume large quantities of alcohol. Genetics can play a part, too.

If your Bowel Health Test Kit has indicated a positive result, it is important that you see your GP as soon as you can.


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