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Flowflex Influenza Test Kit

Quick testing for influenza A or B.

From: £3.69

Key Features:
  • >98% accuracy
  • CE Marked and UK Government validated at Public Health, Porton Down
  • Results in just 15 minutes
  • Self test

This simple self-test for influenza is made by FlowFlex, one of the most trusted names in the home health test industry.

This product comes in two different formats. A single pack product, and a 5 pack multipack.


This easy-to-use flu testing kit is designed for simple use at home and will tell you in just 15 minutes if the influenza virus has been detected in the sample you provide.

Influenza is a contagious illness that many employers would prefer to keep away from their general workforce. A positive test result achieved at home may be enough to gain approval for a workplace absence, and in some cases may also lead to the intervention of medical professionals.

This simple flu test will give you results quickly and easily and follows the same testing format as the COVID-19 lateral flow test that millions of people used during the height of the pandemic

This FlowFlex-branded Lateral Flow Influenza Test Kit contains everything you need to take a nasal swab and test it immediately. There is no need to send off the sample to a laboratory.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1 x individually sealed test cassette
  • 1 x cardboard tube holder
  • 1 x individually sealed swab
  • 1 x pre-filled buffer tube
  • 1 x set of instructions

This FlowFlex test kit has been developed for anyone who suspects they may have influenza and would like a confirmed diagnosis.

Knowing that you have the flu can be important in cases where you need to convince your employer that it would be wise for you to stay away from work for a certain amount of time.

Equally, a positive test result may give you reason to avoid contact with elderly relatives or those with compromised immune systems. In the UK alone influenza kills up to 25,000 people every year.

It can cause acute respiratory infections such as pneumonia as well as inflammation of the heart, brain or muscle tissues. In most cases, however, influenza is little more than an unpleasant, non-life-threatening virus that lasts around a week.

Gathering and testing your sample

  1. Wash and dry your hands. Open the pouch and lay the testing cassette on a clean, flat surface. Take a look at the result window and the sample well on the test device (test cassette). It is important that you are able to correctly identify these.
  2. Remove the cap from the top of the extraction buffer tube and place the tube in the cardboard tube holder.
  3. Open the swab packaging (do not touch the swab tip) and insert the entire absorbent tip of the swab into one nostril. It needs to be up to one inch inside the nostril. Now firmly rub and twist the swab around the inside wall of the nostril five times. Take around 15 seconds to do this so that you maximise your chances of gathering a thorough sample.
  4. Now repeat this with the other nostril.
  5. Remove the test swab from the nostril and place it into the extraction buffer tube. Swirl the stick between your fingers for at least 30 seconds – keeping the tip of the swab in the buffer tube’s liquid at all times.
  6. Now rotate the swab at least 5 times while squeezing the tube – this helps to ensure the best extraction from your nasal swab. The swab can now be thrown in the bin.
  7. Screw the cap firmly back onto the top of the tube. Mix the liquid thoroughly by swirling or flicking the bottom of the tube.
  8. Next, remove the plastic cap from the top of the lid to reveal the dispenser. Dispense four drops of the specimen liquid onto the sample well of the test cassette. Do NOT dispense the solution onto the result window.
  9. Start a timer and read the result on the test cassette after 15 minutes. Do not read after 30 minutes.

The flu has long been viewed as an illness that people are expected to just ‘get on with’, but a greater global awareness of viruses following the Covid-19 pandemic has made many people more cautious about contracting influenza.

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness that can affect the nose and throat and, on occasion, the lungs. It can also cause serious inflammation in other organs.

Among certain groups of people (the elderly are considered generally susceptible to possible complications, for example), the flu can be considered highly dangerous – it is also a very infectious virus that is can spread quickly.

Detecting the virus using a self-test kit can be a way for people to seek out medical help that, in some cases, may prove to be critical.

Treatment for a flu infection among healthy people usually amounts to little more than rest, lots of water and over-the-counter painkillers, but at-risk individuals may be prescribed antiviral treatment. In some cases, a hospital stay may be required.

Influenza outbreaks date back around 1,500 years or more. The flu season in the UK generally runs from November to March.


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