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Ovulation Test Kit

Helps to maximise your chances of conception

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Key Features:
  • 5 x Test Kits Included
  • >99% accuracy
  • CE Marked and MHRA approved
  • Results in just 5 minutes
  • Self test

This fast, incredibly accurate home ovulation predictor kit measures the levels of luteinising hormone (LH) in the body.

Struggling with conception or planning your pregnancy? Our Ovulation Test Kit could be the key. It detects the surge in Luteinizing Hormone (LH), indicating the most fertile days in your cycle. Symptoms like breast tenderness, increased libido, or mild pelvic pain can hint at ovulation, but our kit confirms it scientifically. Gain insights into your fertility window and optimise your chances of conceiving.

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This easy-to-use Ovulation Test Kit will help you to detect the peak level of luteinising hormone in your body. This is the time that pregnancy is most likely to occur.

When luteinising hormone (LH) levels are at their peak, this is an indication of peak fertility – it is in this window that you have the best chance of conceiving.

This window is surprisingly short. Ovulation involves the release of an egg from the ovaries – it then passes to the fallopian tube where it awaits fertilisation. It must be fertilised by sperm within 24 hours after its release for pregnancy to occur.

Immediately before the egg is released, large quantities of luteinising hormone (LH) are released into the body – this actually triggers the release of the egg. It is sometimes known as an ‘LH surge’, and as heightened LH levels can be detected in urine, it can be a powerful indicator of the best time to try and conceive.

This surge normally takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle.

Please note that not all menstrual cycles result in ovulation – nor does the LH surge occur in every instance.

Your Ovulation Test Kit contains everything you need to understand when to take your test, as well as 5 strips to be taken consecutively to help you to identify peak ovulation.

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1 x set of instructions
  • 1 x ‘When to start testing’ chart
  • 5 x test devices

This test kit can be incredibly helpful to women or couples who are trying to maximise their chances of conception.

Knowing when to have sex when trying for a baby can sometimes feel like a lottery – but scientifically speaking, there is a golden window. This short moment of time occurs mid-way through a woman’s menstrual cycle – something women can usually only really guess at.

By checking LH levels in the urine on a regular basis, ovulation predictor kits help you to understand when the ‘LH surge’ happens: this is a key indicator that ovulation is happening and that this is, therefore, the optimal time to try and conceive.

In terms of the testing format, this kit is not dissimilar to many pregnancy test kits.

At home ovulation tests detect heightened levels of luteinising hormone in your urine. By charting when this happens, you can identify the best time to try and conceive.

Your test result will either be NEGATIVE – meaning that your LH levels are not elevated, or you will get a POSITIVE reading, meaning that they are elevated and now is the best time to try and conceive.

If your result says that your LH levels are elevated, this indicates that an LH surge has been detected – this is synonymous with the hours before the release of the egg into the fallopian tube, where it awaits fertilisation. A positive test means you should probably ovulate, therefore, in the next 24-36 hours.

If your result is negative, you should take another test the next day and for as many days as required until the LH surge is detected.

Testing procedure

  1. Once you have determined the correct day to start testing, bring the pouch to room temperature and open it. Remove the midstream test from the sealed pouch – you need to use it within an hour, so be sure you’re able to urinate before opening it.
  2. Remove the cap and place it over the thumb grip.
  3. Hold the test by the capped thumb grip with the exposed tip pointing in a downwards direction and urinate directly onto it for at least 1-15 seconds. Make sure it is thoroughly soaked.
  4. Immediately replace the cap over the absorbent tip and lay it on a flat surface with the result window facing upwards.
  5. Immediately start a timer and read the results at 5 minutes. As the test starts to work, you may observe a light follow moving across the test and control window. This is normal. If no result appears, wait one more minute. Do not read the result after 10 minutes.

One of the best ways for a woman to understand her time of peak ovulation is to identify what’s known as the ‘LH Surge’, as this immediately precedes ovulation.

Luteinising hormone (LH) is produced by the pituitary gland in the body, and for most of the month your levels will typically be low.

However, an important part of the menstrual cycle takes place when the egg reaches the ovaries – this is the time that a woman is at her most fertile. In the 24-36 hours before this happens, LH levels usually increase, hence the ‘LH Surge’.

It’s worth remembering that the LH surge doesn’t always result in ovulation, nor is it a precise indicator of the exact moment when ovulation will happen. But when trying to conceive – or, perhaps, struggling to conceive – it is often the case that any help is useful.

This is where the best ovulation tests can help: an ovulation predictor kit can be used to help determine what is likely to be the best time to have sex.

When viewed as a wider, long-term strategy, knowing on which date during the menstrual cycle takes place can be helpful, as some of the best times to try and conceive are actually the days before the LH Surge. During the surge is important, too.


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